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Welcome to my blog! True to my name, Shiva the Spy, I will be your eyes and ears in Iran, bringing you detailed accounts of everyday life from my perspective. You'll have a window into the social, cultural, political, and historical aspects of the country. I will bring you the stuff that American media can't...or won't. So, check back regularly for stories, photos, commentary, and anything else your curiosity calls for.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

22 Bahman

Today is the 27th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. From my vantage point in Esfahan, there seems to be far less hoopla than I imagined. There was a massive protest nationwide against the hassling of Iran’s nuclear rights by western countries, which turned out millions of Iranians all over the country. Strangely, BBC reported the rallies as attracting thousands of citizens—this error was promptly pointed out by Iranian news stations, complete with BBC video clips tightly zoomed onto a banner or two, rather than wide shots showing the actual protests, i.e. the focus of the report. It appears that the famous news station intended to reduce the importance or magnitude of the event, which implies dubious deeds; or there’s the other possible conclusion—ineptitude in news coverage.


Blogger JmartRican said...

I always thought BBC was a fair news agency. Obviously not. Its good to hear the truth once in a while.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is another indication of media manipulation of important events in order to deceive the general public.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought BBC was a source of objective news. About a year ago I started to doubt: I went to Iran and could find several books on communist people (Iranian revolutionaries) and other stuff like sex education and birth control. My cousin smiled at my suprise and told me that I have been listening to BBC too much! Actually I had!
And then I was sure that BBC wasn't a good source when that thing with Falluja happened.

5:49 AM  

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